• According to data provided by Glassnode, since the beginning of 2020, Ethereum's computing power has increased by nearly 26.8%, and recently reached a high of more than seven months, close to 180 TH/s.
    2020-06-05 17:27:48
  • Rgio designer Sergio Demian Lerner believes that based on research and understanding of Satoshi Nakamoto, he believes that the creator of Bitcoin will never spend the tokens he dug.
    2020-06-05 17:24:11
  • Today's panic and greed index is 53 (yesterday's 54), the degree of panic has risen slightly, and the rating is still neutral. Note: The threshold of panic index is 0-100, including indicators: volatility, etc.
    2020-06-05 17:20:52
  • Investment Research: The three major US stock indexes were mixed, gold successfully rebounded, and the two oils opened lower and moved higher. BTC fluctuated upwards, and the market may continue to fluctuate.
    2020-06-05 17:18:48
  • In the past 30 days, the average daily mining income on Ethereum was 15096.79 ETH, of which the average daily transaction fee was 1792.87 ETH, accounting for 11.87% of the Ethereum miner's income.
    2020-06-05 14:32:06
  • An analysis of market value and actual market value (MVRV) shows that investors who bought bitcoin in the past 90 days have an average rate of return of 23%. Or catalyze the altcoin rebound.
    2020-06-05 14:28:04
  • The US stock index continued to maintain a strong upward trend. The top five mainstream trends are still positive, and the recent three major platform coins may have actions that can be closely monitored.
    2020-06-05 14:15:34
  • CME Bitcoin futures may form a golden cross between the 50-day moving average and the 200-day moving average in June 2020. Confirm the increasing presence of institutional investors in the emerging Bitcoin market.
    2020-06-04 18:57:54
  • Cardano founder Hoskinson: Cardano's second-stage Shelley upgrade is the most difficult upgrade in cryptocurrencies. What it means for the community is that after this upgrade, the community will control the ADA.
    2020-06-04 17:57:55
  • The data shows that from 15:51 this afternoon, two blacklist accounts marked as EOS ecological high-risk lists have changed, and a total of 311.2 thousand EOS have been transferred out.
    2020-06-04 17:12:23
  • The data shows that the price of Bitcoin is entering a bull market, but the fundamentals continue to decline, and the bull market may be "unsustainable."
    2020-06-04 16:24:05
  • CSW dismissed claims that he did not have a private key for "Satoshi" addresses, and claimed in court that these addresses were his own. He insisted that only he could access the "Satoshi" BTC address filed in court.
    2020-06-04 14:21:40
  • Data: Bitcoin network mining difficulty may be reduced by as much as 10.25%. This will be the largest reduction since Bitcoin's third halving on May 11th. The previous difficulty reduction occurred on May 20th.
    2020-06-04 14:19:52
  • According to the data, the average daily transaction fee of ERC20-USDT on the chain in the past seven days reached 448.05 ETH, accounting for about 25%-30% of the total daily transaction fee of Ethereum.
    2020-06-04 13:54:28
  • Recently, researchers Ergo BTC and Lauren MT of OXT Research have successfully cracked a case of hacker stealing Bitcoin in 2015. At present, researchers are trying to contact the stolen person.
    2020-06-04 13:14:45