• Investment research: US stocks continued their upward trend, hitting a three-month high. Gold has been declining all the way, and international oil prices have fluctuated and closed higher. BTC continued to consolidate.
    2020-06-04 13:04:59
  • Analyst: US stocks are supported by the Fed's stimulus plan. Bitcoin suffered another black swan on Tuesday. A well-known trader said that after each retest, the trend line becomes weaker.
    2020-06-03 17:47:11
  • The data shows that the total amount of ETH on the exchange has reached the lowest point in the past three months, at 17,527,585.921 ETH. The last three-month low observed on March 9, 2020 was 17,558,798.540 ETH.
    2020-06-03 16:35:12
  • Investment research: US stocks closed up late, the two oils refreshed their new highs since the price war. The price of gold fell below the $1730 mark. BTC dived at night after breaking 10,000 yesterday. The market is still divided.
    2020-06-03 15:18:23
  • At 10:48 last night, BTC reproduced the painting market. In the absence of bad news, the price of BTC collapsed directly from $10,100 to $9,300. The ratio of longs and shorts also fell from 1.7 to around 1.1.
    2020-06-03 14:29:01
  • XRP has been showing huge signs of weakness lately, and this weakness has further intensified after the recent overall market rebound. Analyst JackSparrow: It may still see another 50% decline.
    2020-06-03 14:22:45
  • According to John Bollinger, a trading legend and the inventor of the Bollinger Bands indicator, Bitcoin's recent rise to $10,400 is just a "barrier", intended to trap bulls. It is time for traders to "be cautious or short".
    2020-06-03 14:11:54
  • Last night, BTC rallied and fell back, and the 1-hour chart showed the door market. According to the experience of historical market, BTC has been pulled up again after the door opening.
    2020-06-03 11:59:43
  • Data: As of June 2, the price of each Ethereum in the gray-scale Ethereum trust fund ETHE is 1882 US dollars, which is a premium rate of 697% compared to the spot price.
    2020-06-03 11:46:56
  • Today's panic and greed index is 48 (yesterday's was 56), the degree of panic has increased, and the level has changed from greed to neutral. Note: The panic index threshold is 0-100.
    2020-06-03 11:43:11
  • The data shows that Jianan Technology (NASDAQ: CAN) bottomed at $2/share on June 1, with a closing decline of more than 10.17% and a market value of $332 million, a three-quarter drop.
    2020-06-02 19:10:29
  • Today's panic and greed index is 56 (yesterday's was 50), the degree of greed increased, and the rank changed from neutral to greed. Note: The threshold of panic index is 0-100, including indicators: volatility, etc.
    2020-06-02 13:54:20
  • In the morning, BTC volume increased by 5%, breaking the 10,000 yuan mark in one fell swoop. However, the negative premium of USDT continues to increase and has now reached -1.5%.
    2020-06-02 13:52:56
  • ETH 2.0 beacon chain testnet Topaz development team Prysmatic Labs co-founder Rual Jordan: Beacon Chain mainnet of the first phase of ETH 2.0 is expected to be officially launched at the end of August.
    2020-06-02 13:46:13
  • Investment research: US stocks rose, two oils opened lower and moved higher, and gold recovered after the shock. Whether BTC stands at $10,000 remains to be seen within a week.
    2020-06-02 13:43:35