• Messari crypto analyst Ryan Watkins tweeted that the market value of ERC20 tokens is close to 50% of the total value of crypto assets on the Ethereum blockchain.
    2020-05-29 12:42:05
  • The data shows that the transaction volume on the Bitcoin chain has dropped by 23.3% in the past 24 hours. The real-time computing power of the whole network is about 100.76 EH / s.
    2020-05-29 12:25:27
  • Analyst and investor Alex Saunders: With the implementation of PoS, the inflation rate of Ethereum is expected to reach 2.5%, even lower than that of precious metals such as gold.
    2020-05-29 11:57:17
  • Today's panic and greed index is 48 (yesterday's was 41), the degree of panic has greatly eased, and the level has changed from panic to neutral. Note: The threshold of panic index is 0-100, including indicators: volatility etc.
    2020-05-29 11:49:52
  • A new high-risk vulnerability for elevation of privileges on the Android system has been discovered. It is recommended that Android users update as soon as possible after receiving the security patch to avoid losses.
    2020-05-28 17:28:10
  • Jiang Zhuoer, : Currently, models below S9 cannot be opened, because the mining policy is not very good, and the entire network computing power is expected to be around 110EH / s.
    2020-05-28 16:05:55
  • Viewpoint: If the S & P 500 index falls below a certain threshold, investors should consider buying Bitcoin. With the S & P 500 index falling, spot gold is also an attractive investment option.
    2020-05-28 14:42:36
  • Data: Since the halving, the gray trust's bitcoin trust (GBTC) increased the number of bitcoins after the third halving of bitcoin is 150% of the total amount of miners mining bitcoin in the same period.
    2020-05-28 14:29:29
  • Report: Despite the continued issuance, Ethereum-based USDT has never been destroyed. The report also concluded that USDT is mainly used by arbitrageurs on centralized exchanges.
    2020-05-28 12:58:54
  • According to official ETC Core news, ETC will perform a hard fork within 4 days. Exchanges, wallets, miners and everyone else should update ETC nodes as soon as possible.
    2020-05-28 12:57:20
  • Research: In the past 12 months, XRP's supply inflation has been much faster than other top cryptocurrencies. The inflation rate of XRP is 20%, which is five times the inflation level before BTC halved.
    2020-05-28 12:54:54
  • Today's panic and greed index is 41 (yesterday's was 39), the degree of panic has eased from yesterday, and the rating is still panic. Note: The threshold of panic index is 0-100, including indicators: volatility, etc.
    2020-05-28 12:41:48
  • Investment research: US stocks closed higher, gold fluctuated sharply within the day, and oil fell unilaterally. BTC rose, and the market may continue to consolidate with institutional buying.
    2020-05-28 12:27:31
  • According to a recent study, compared to emerging markets, bitcoin prices may be more affected by changes in developed market exchange rates and stocks.
    2020-05-28 12:03:12
  • EOS has had a negative return so far this year. Although the top ten cryptocurrencies have risen overall by 26.47%, EOS, the representative PoS asset, has fallen 3.61% this year.
    2020-05-27 18:25:55