【Offline】Notice on hiding and remove some of the inactive contract products

来源: bfx 发布时间: 2019-11-24 18:53:09

Dear users,

Due to the inactive trading of some contract products, there is a greater risk of trading liquidity and affecting the user's trading experience. In order to provide you with more tradable contract products, we will remove a batch of contracts that are not active in the near future in order to provide space for new contracts.

For the contract products to be removed, we will first hide them ( APP-side users can enter through "contract assets - trading", WEB-side users can enter through the market list), and take measures to limit opening positions, but the closure of existing positions is not affected by any. That is, hidden contracts can be closed, but new positions cannot be opened.

The contract to be hidden will be removed at any time when no user has positions, the user who has a position in the hidden contract should close the position as soon as possible. User who have assets in the hidden contract, please transfer it to the coin account as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact 7*24 hours online customer service. Please forgive us for the inconvenience brought to you.

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October 13th2019