【Caution】Beware of scams in the name of BFX platform officials

来源: bfx 发布时间: 2019-11-23 15:29:38

Dear users,

Recently,We have noticed that some criminals asked users to join other communities or make other investments in the name of BFX platform officials. All the above behaviors are frauds. Please be sure to raise your awareness to prevent unnecessary losses to your property.

Please note that BFX only offers contracts and spot products on the bfx.nu for you to trade, and nothing else;

Bfx.nu promises here that: We will not ask users for password, short message code and Google Authenticator code and other information,please don't reveal these private information to anyone.

Due to the variety of fraudulent methods, if you encounter any doubt in the name of the BFX official platform, please do not believe, and please contact the online customer service on the platform for confirmation the frst time.

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November 12th2019